Happy Valentines Day!




     A while ago, I visited an ostrich farm and was amazed at the gorgeous feathers all around me.  Always fascinated and stimulated by creative art on display, my mind immediately went wild with thoughts of what I could create with them blended with other media.  Enter...

JADAJ Originals 

     I work the old fashioned way, envisioning a masterful piece of functional art before putting my hands to work.  Many of my bags take hours upon hours to finish, but fortunately, there's a lot of room for the imagination because modern woman wears a million different hats -

 businesswoman, mother, athlete, colleague, traveler.  Her style and personality are revealed by the bag she carries, so the right bag is essential to feel both fashionable and appropriate for the occasion.  My handbags consist of functional, artsy conversation pieces  perfect for those moments when you want to totally stand out from the crowd.  Some are perfect for the office, business meetings or coffee dates, and they pair great with casual and professional outfits making your everyday look rise to your best possible self. 


         Seasons come and go, but everyday is a JADAJ Originals day!